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VIDDIX - Mix video with the web

Welcome to VIDDIX

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VIDDIX is a new, exciting videoplatform that allows you to connect all kinds of webcontent to your videos. This way you can really interact with your audience and deliver your messages more effectively.


VIDDIX Business accounts
Inform your visitors more effectively about your products by adding the power of interactive video to your promotional mix. Furthermore, use VIDDIX internally to communicate company results and news.

Get your corporate communications to the next level with a VIDDIX Business Account.
The launch of a new product or service cannot be left unnoticed by journalists. A VIDDIX PressPage makes it possible to support your press release with a branded webpage.
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Example cases with VIDDIX

News and updates

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Better insight
New and improved statistics for all VIDDIX users!

Amazon Cloudfront for all
Your videos will load even faster now!

Redesign Overlay Player
We are introducing a new and improved Overlay Player!


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VIDDIX offers several services to help you create professional content. VIDDIX services vary from videoproduction to adding interactivity to your videos. Click the corresponding button to learn more about that service.

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Partner up with VIDDIX

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VIDDIX is actively looking for partners and resellers ranging from video production companies to webdevelopers and marketeers.

Join our partner program to add interactive video to your business activities!
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